Schedule mode flips to inverse after first night

Recent install of HB2 and 3 x 2K cams. All fine but to set a schedule for nightimes (at all other times I want disabled) - I need to set the ‘inverse’ time period to activate Away - it does not work to set the mode to the actual hour period required (that’s the first weirdo and obviously seems a problem). Then after one pass through that schedule (i.e. next morning) the schedule has flipped. It is basically doing the opposite to the requested mode scheduled. Am not even going to try Geofencing !

Say what ??? Inverse time period?

Yeah - so I want the cams active from 2100 -> 0700(next day) ok.
If I set that up on the schedule for Away it blocks out the period 0700-2100 !
So the only way I get it to work for at least one night is set a sched for Away as: 0700-2100 and it works that night then at the swap over to the disable time period (0700 next day) it has swapped back to active Away being 07-2100.
Any help appreciated…

So… I don’t have a clue what your talking about. Eufy schedule mode is as simple and functional as it sounds. Eufy crap is VERY real… but this function is never talked about… discussed… or even whispered about as a problem. I use it every day without fail. That points to you and your inverse time dilation. Gravitational potential doesn’t affect the schedule on the eufy app.

Well sorry but my system will not take a schedule as explained - i.e. be active only 9pm to 7am every day of the week.
I have an IT background: networking, servers etc so not a novice.
I know it should be simple and work but it does not.
Have reboot the HB but am loath to do a hard reset as then have to go fetch all the cams (I assume) and re-add them.

Then search this forum… you will a find Gazillion posts … and not one of them about the schedule mode failing.

If I’m wrong…I’m wrong. But I doubt it.

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I agree - I searched and found nothing to say this is common hence my post as is a genuine issue - perhaps I have a dud HB2.
All I can do is try a hard reset.
Thanks for your help in any case.

Would love to hear the outcome. Please post. So many people “figure it out”and then never reply back.

do you agree I’ll need to re-add all the cams after a hard reset ? As I’m assuming?

It’s a hard reset. If you did it correctly you are starting from scratch

Yeah that’s what I suspected - !! … thanks again

Did a hard reset of the homebase2; added all the cams back (interestingly the original time I added cams it did not record one cam as a 2C Pro just a 2C). Added my desired schedule for one day only; then one day at a time added each day for the whole week and it seems to have worked and remained stable so far.
Worked OK last evening and this morning.

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