Schedule left and Right patrol Pan and Tilt

Just bought a few more Eufy Cam. This time they are Pan and Tilt 2K.

My Q? is is there a setting for scheduled Left Right check? for detecting objects change?
or it is a Wish list?

Nope… If set to “track” it will move and follow a trackable object in its view. Problem with that is it will never return to its home view. Stupid. My pan tilt is just a regular indoor cam now.

This would require the software to also remove the alarm/notifications from the patrol motion… and also remove activity zones during its scan. Your asking a lot from this company.

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Kasa pan and tilt has more features.
I guess I spent extra dollars for Pan
over non -Pan is not better served.

I still will use the pan in live view… and the price difference was almost nothing.
It’s just sad when a few software changes could turn a “just ok” camera into a “gem”.

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There are not much info or discussion on this topic in forum. I wonder if Not too many of these Pan Cam sold or in use?