Saving Video to Folders

How to I save the video from Camera X to a folder entitled Camera X, Camera Y to Folder Y, Camera Z to folder Z/

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You don’t say what OS you are using, but I’ll reply for Android, as that’s what I have.

Eufy creates 2 folders on an Android device. They are EufyVideoDir and EufyPicDir. Those 2 folders are what hold downloaded video and screenshots. You can create subfolders in either or both with whatever camera names you want. Or, you can create other folders at the same level as the defualt Eufy folders.

When you download a video, it will automatically go to the EufyVideoDir. After that you can transfer it to whatever folder you want. You could even automate moving the files with scripts using something like Tasker or another file utility.

I’m reasonably certain that something similar can be done using IOS if you are an Apple user.

Hope that answered your question.

Thank you, I’ll give it a try on my iPhone 11 system.

On Android device Eufy also creates app folder “/storage/emulated/0/Android/Data/”.

Apparently when we download videos to the user location “/storage/emulated/0/movies/EufyVideoDir” a duplicate copy is left in “/storage/emulated/0/Android/Data/”.

The fact that a cache might be used is not so weird but the caches should be cleared after download but that is not being done.

I have found copies of every video I have ever downloaded in the last six months from Eufy cams to my android device, over 700 files at over 1.5 GB sitting in the Eufy app directory even though they had been removed from the normal download folder and cleared from storage on the base.

Let’s run that again.

A copy of every single clip that I have ever downloaded onto my android device remains unsecured in the app directory on the device. The fact that access to that location requires root or administrative privilege is no excuse whatsoever. There is no way to rationalize downloaded security videos being left on the device like that, after all traces of them have been deleted elsewhere. This staggering oversight is wantonly irresponsible; videos which the user believe no longer exist still do exist and can be accessed on the android device; the internal storage on the android device accumulates large volumes of unnecessary material which would only be noticed if someone audits the drive as I did.

It should be noted that parallel to the files directory in this path “/storage/emulated/0/Android/Data/”, there is a cache directory “/storage/emulated/0/Android/Data/”. It would not surprise me if the UV act was downloading these cached copies to the wrong folder and then “deleting” them from the cache folder which never contained them.

Observed on 2 different devices running Stock Moto Android 10 and Android 11 OS. Goodness gracious, this app and the services behind it are not reasonably secure… Seriously how could anyone trust this mess. Anyhow, I did not come here just to flame although the flame is well supported and well deserved, the fact is that videos are stored in another location and even if users cannot readily see that location it this is very significant to them that there are copies of their videos lingering around when they think they are gone.

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I wonder if this was left over from an older version of Android. I seem to remember back on version 5 or so, that the Eufy video’s were downloaded to a Movies folder rather than to EufyVideoDir. Could be they left it in for compatibility sake or just forgot the code was there.

Doesn’t say much for their change processes , but we already know that from the way they handle firmware and app updates.

This could probably get them in trouble with the European Data Lords if someone passed it on. The 90 day deletion was a European Data Law requirement that they implemented without any warning on a global scale. If users are forced into keeping old clips that should be deleted, even if they aren’t aware, Eufy could have a rather large fine for all that didn’t get deleted.

Edit: I did some testing on a new Android 12 phone, a tablet running Android 11, and an old tablet running Android 8. They all dump any downloaded files into the Movies folder as well as the EufyVideoDir folder. I pitched my old tablet that had Android 5 on it the other day, so can’t check to see if i remembered correctly about the folder change.

it’s still happening 10/2023. I notified the Eufy tech support, they said they would investigate, but I didn’t hear back