Samsung phone only gets notifications for 1 day

Hi, I have 3 S40 Solocams, and 1 hard wired flood light cam. My problem is that notifications only work for 1 day. Pretty close to 24 hours. Then I have to reboot my phone, and then notifications work for another 24 hours, then stop. Sometimes the notifications stop entirely, other times the Eufy shield with a message comes through, but no audio chime. Same problem on my Wife’s phone. We both have S22+, but I had the same problem with my S9.
I’ve tried all the tricks eufy said to try, whitelisting, etc. Nothing helps. Eufy support said “oh, this is typical for Samsung products”, and sent me to ‘dontkillmyapp’ and a Samsung Knowledge Base.(TSG01001588). The tricks here have not helped.
Does anyone know the magic cure to keep notifications working on Samsung.
Thanks in advance.