Samsung Galaxy s23 ultra compatability issues with Eufy

Never had an issue until now. Upgraded my phone 2 days ago to the latest Galaxy s23 Ultra and now when I review stored/saved files there is a distinct lag when decrypting files to play and the play back (if and when it decides to play back) is atrocious with severe pixilation issues and what appears to be ghosting. Live view seems to work fine. Anyone got any ideas or a fix? Have deleted app on phone and reinstalled again but no joy. Using Home-based 3 with S330 cams, indoor mini cams and a door cam.

Have gone back to view again on old Samsung s10+ phone and don’t have any issues. Have raised this on a FB forum and have had feedback from many other members using Galaxy s23 ultra that they have had the same issues without any viable fix.

Have advised eufy help line and they said they’d pass the issue onto their tech team. Another frustrating waiting game.

Anyone else with the same issues ising the s23 ultra? Any workarounds found?

The issues your describing is an issue with the app its not your phone we all have the same issue yor having with the v4.7.6_1865 app. I submitted a trouble ticket about the app and so did others I received an email yesterday from them and they are aware of the issue now and are working on it.

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Thanks for the reply.
I just found that quite strange as I have that version v4.7.6_1865 on both my phones but only have the issues viewing play back on the Galaxy s23 Ultra.
That’s what made me think it’s an issue with the Ultra. Beats me and I’m frustrated nonetheless.

I figured out why my S23 Ultra has playback issues. If my display setting is set to Adaptive which supports 120hz refresh rate, then playback is horrible. If I change it to Standard (only 60hz) then the app works fine. So Eufy, please update the app soon.

You my friend are absolutely brilliant!!
I’ve just tried what you said to do and it has worked! Pixilation, ghosting and extended lag is gone. I’m assuming that you’ve advised Eufy of the issue and of the temporary fix that you’ve just suggested?

I hope you won’t mind me sharing your fix on the Eufy FB users forum? Thanks again for your help as it’s very much appreciated! :slight_smile:

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You are welcome. I got tired of waiting for Eufy so i just started playing around with the settings on my phone and voila! And yes I submitted a report to eufy of my findings. I assume its the refresh rate since most newer phones use 120hz or higher by default.

My A50 was already on 60hz with the new app and I still had the issue but iam staying with the 1843 previous app with no issues till they fix the problem.

Hi ,i just try your solution but doesnt work,still getting ghosting and lagy playback.:pensive:on iphone 14 and some older samsung phone no problem .

Let’s hope they work a bit quicker in getting the issue resolved. A lot of disgruntled Eufy customers out there at present across the board.

i was send to them email yesterday,about the problem,today they send me oldest version of app to try and works perfect with 120hz(adaptive) setting on my phone.

They sent me the same email but it was on a dropbox site that appears you have to pay to access dropbox but that’s ok I already have the older 1843 app running and I’ll stay with it till the new app comes, I will say eufy support has been great responding to our issue and acknowledging it.

you dont need to pay,the will ask for pay but you can cancel and still download ,works for me

Hi, I have the same issue, I cleared the data on my app on Andriod and now the video playback seems to be fine.