S330 LTE Cam Newbie Questions

Hi. First Eufy product bought, mounted and (after a bit of fettling) activated

Has anyone encountered any problems activating 4G/LTE on the S330 Cam?

I’m using an O2 pay monthly SIM card and entering the apn details i have confirmed to be working (in a phone) but the camera can’t connect or even on auto-setup.

The camera is on wifi at the moment but the wifi is spotty at best and hence the reason to get an LTE camera.

Also, using the LTE service, the app seems to imply that there is no provision for Homebase3 connection for non-local backups. Is that correct? If so, I’ll have to get some larger micro SD cards!


Okey dokey. Guess I’m alone in having LTE issues or not many people have the camera here?

I’ve tried O2/EE/Vodafone pay monthly sims and none work.

O2 pay and go, EE pay and go, Lebara (VF MVNO) pay and go - none of which work.

I’m trying Vodafone direct pay and go shortly, and potentially 3 but it’s dependant on VF working.

The included EIoT club sim works (which weirdly uses the 3 network here) but is horrendously expensive.

Has anyone with any other Eufy LTE product had any issues or experiences to share?

Do these cameras lock themselves to the first sim that works?

In my professional experience, there’s no difference to the end equipment what type of subscription is included on a SIM card nor if it’s a MVNO versus MNO so it’s indicative of a hardware fault/design configuration. Potentially a batch issue given I purchased during the first month of release.


Update 1: Vodafone pay & go doesn’t work. If I manage to get out and procure a 3UK sim I’ll give that a go, but otherwise I’ll probably send these back and try another brand or spend some money improving the WiFi for a normal/traditional wireless camera.

Update 2:

Got a 3UK pay & go sim to at least activate.

I get notifications of movement, but when trying to view/playback the clips…no bueno.

I’m going to try and activate one of the previous pay monthly SIM cards again with a friend who works in the engineering area of the network capturing traces so I can debug from there.

If not, both of my cameras will go in the bin.

I don’t have that camera and it seems odd that you’re having difficulty with other Sim cards…
So you got the UK 3 to activate and you also are receiving notifications of motion detected which sounds like things should be working now.
I would think that you should at least be able to see LiveView - (what’s happening in real time)
Beginning to wonder if the camera is a dud?

Any comments from eufy support if you had contacted them? Sorry I can’t help you out, but thanks for posting your issues with the camera.


The notifications take up less bandwidth to send than the videos themselves.

I’ve fed back the other day so it’s still early to have an answer but when I started having troubles with different SIM cards I rang the support telephone number so it won’t be new.

Especially since the event videos were accessible when the camera was connected via WiFi.

So it would seem it’s a potential dud camera, and as I bought two on the same order, I’m sincerely hoping it’s not a faulty batch.

Let’s see

I found these 2 links… 1 is compatible SIM cards and the other is info about APN setup.



Yep, I’ve seen these already as they come as part of the setup guide for the S330.

O2 & Vodafone pay & go didn’t work, and the ‘bands’ they use are the same for pay & go and for pay monthly.

I’ll see what I can re-test today - but it’s not looking promising.


So I’ve finally got an O2 pay monthly SIM card to work.

Took the camera out to an open field closer to a known stronger cell mast, changed the newly visible antenna setting to internal (as opposed to default - external) and punched in the apn (no username, no password, no authentication) and it works.

Video decryption works (4k, colour night vision, audio etc)

Now for my second camera I’ll be activating on WiFi, updating firmware and then switching to 4G.

Fingers crossed that’s a lot smoother to get up and running!

Very good :+1:t2:

Tho I don’t understand that antenna setting?
Internal/external… Don’t see an external antenna on it.
Unless it depends on if you are using Wi-Fi or cellular, you would think it would know what to switch to automatically??
So I did a search on it and found some inside views of the camera.
There’s the usual Wi-Fi antenna and there is a Main antenna also a Diversity antenna which both are for the 4G LTE ( Antenna diversity is a technique that will increase the quality and reliability of a wireless link . If one antenna has a weaker / fader signal, the other will most likely have a better signal.
Also a GPS antenna.


How have you found the unit? I’ve just picked one up and the eiot sim provided horrendous signal even in places with full 4g/5g signal on phones. It’s completely unusable. Plugged in a Vodafone sim and that wouldn’t work at all. Very disappointing.

Very poor indoors.

Really depends overall mounting and what’s the strongest reception for your phone.

Activation needs to be in an open air environment. If you can find a field / park - even better.

Charge it for 24 hours first also.

Usage since the activation finally worked has been fine. Discounting the necessity for the AI functions in my scenario, it’s suitable. Not the clearest of pictures (considering the 4K enablement) but for a standalone camera it’s good. The solar panel is exceptional. The direct sunlight here has been crap so for it to work and store charge has been brilliant.

Fully charged before use as per instructions, tried it out in the open and also inside doesn’t seem to make any difference. Brought it back to my home and updated firmware over WiFi and have it out in the garden with nothing around and still can’t get a proper connection.not sure what else I can do with it.