S330 4K Cam add on solar panel

I have the 4K cameras S330 with the solar panel now I bought a add-on panel because the camera is under a porch and doesn’t get the sun to charge the camera, I bought the official Eufy solar panel and the wire connector does not fit the wire connection on the camera and I have to return it, do they make a add-on panel for this camera the box and description said it fits all cameras and it doesn’t.

I don’t know why eufy doesn’t include all the adapters when you order their solar panel??
Or just make one with an USB-C type connector.
They do have adapters. I would contact them over the phone to make sure it will work / fit properly.

Just a follow-up to my thread, as said I returned the 1st panel I bought off Amazon due to it not having the pig-tall adapter for adapting a usb-c mail end to the camera and a usb mini to the panel connector in the box. I ordered a panel from Eufy and that came with a pig-tail adapter in the box. So all is good and the panel came quick from California to the east coast, ordered on a Thursday got it on Monday with free shipping. The lady I talked to on the phone said I probably got old stock before the 4k camera system came out. Very nice people in their customer service dept.