S120 battery drain

My S120 wall cam drains 4% of battery per day just to stay connected to wifi, since I don’t watch it in streaming and it doesn’t report any events. Is this the case for you too? do you have the same problem of battery drain?

Wall light cam IR bug. Use the app for any reason and the camera will wake up and turn on the IR lights. These lights will stay on and drain your battery as long as the eufy app is open. ( even if the wall light camera is in disarmed mode. )

So… don’t use the app… or… Move somewhere with enough sun to overcome this bug.

Thanks for the info, but do you know if they are working on fixing the problem?

Spent a month trying to figure out why I couldn’t just disarm the camera so it can charge ( it would still die )

Spent another month going Back and forth with customer support. And another month talking with various Eufy engineers. I gave up.

This is a low priority issue that only affects people that are “using” the app more than normal (even if avoiding the wall light camera) … and who don’t have boatloads of sun. This may only be an IOS issue???

Don’t hold your breath waiting for a fix. Eufy has their hands full right now and I’m sure this is not at the top of their fix list. Return it if possible or turn off the IR and motion light and just use it as a day only camera until we get back to summer sun.

The problem is also on Android, because I have a Samsung. However it is really a big problem because it prevents you from using the application, you cannot monitor the cameras or see the recorded events. I will probably return the product and get it again when they have resolved the problem.
Maybe someone from the community can update the conversation as soon as they know the problem has been resolved

Yes…. It IS a big deal. I bet they are getting a ton of returns on this model… mostly because of the bug. I can’t make it a week without taking them down and recharging both of my wall light cams here in Seattle. Not even close to their battery claims. I did my best to inform Eufy of this issue I found…. They don’t care.

@Chefrd2000 this IR bug… if you have Auto Night vision enabled.
Are you saying that the IR lights are even turning on during the daytime when they’re not needed?

Can’t say for sure like I can at night…(not sure how I would test that) but even in disarmed mode… my battery will crash out even during the day. If I stay out of the app… the battery does fine.

Can always add a solar panel to our solar light instead of fixing the bug? :slight_smile:

I reported the bug and yesterday I received a firmware update that should improve the battery of the S120. I live in Italy and the assistance center is in Germany. Has the update reached you too?

No update for me in Seattle. & Both cams last updated dec 8. Did it fix the bug for you? What version did you get?

I have but the IR continue to switch on when you open the app. I have already reported that the problem has not been resolved. I am waiting.

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Not mine but my neighbors. I helped him set it up 3 weeks ago and it did a self firmware auto update at the time. On version
US New Jersey East Coast.

Support told me that the fix sent prevents the IR from turning on during the day when the application is opened, but it continues to turn on during the night and there are no fixes for this bug.

I’ve had ongoing issues with battery drain on my S120. Im not sure if this is related to the IR issue raised in this forum. However, the blue light motion sensor on my camera comes on ANYTIME there is motion nearby, even with the camera is disarmed. It happens whether the app is being used or not. I just updated the firmware to hoping it would fix the issue, but it didn’t. I’ve contacted Eufy support numerous times and was told there’s no way to stop the “Other” power drain category in Power Manager that typically accounts for about 90% of my camera power consumption. Trying to keep my camera charged was like pouring water into a bucket with a hole in the bottom. Eufy should be fixing that hole. I finally added an external solar panel, but people shouldn’t have to in order to keep their camera charged.

Just got on both cameras…. IR Bug is still alive and well. Bummer

@steve.gold are you talking about the Status LED?
Where you have the option to turn it OFF or ON in the General Settings of the camera.
By default it’s set to ON. The blue light is constantly lit, when motion is detected it flashes.

Thanks for the info on how to turn off the Status LED on my S120. The blue light used to appear momentarily ANYTIME there was motion nearby, even with the camera was disarmed. Was this an indication that the IR was being activated? Eufy documentation is virtually non-existent, so I’m trying to figure out what is draining my S120 so quickly. Here’s feedback I received from a Eufy Customer Support Manager after I escalated my concerns about the battery drain:
“The recordings you see on the events page are valid recordings. Invalid recordings refer to when the camera is awakened but no movement is detected so no recording is made, or the recording duration is only 3 seconds and is discarded. Any temperature changes and movements within the camera’s monitoring area will trigger the camera, but because it is discarded in less than 3 seconds, you did not see the recording. However, this process also consumes power.”
Regarding the Other (gray) drain in Consumption under Power Manager that accounts for about 90% of my battery consumption, I received the following response from Eufy:
“The gray part refers to other power consumption besides motion-triggered events and manual operation of the app, such as standby power consumption.”

Hi, the blue status LED light will only flash when motion is detected. (I made a mistake before where I said it would be permanently lit all the time)
Doesn’t mean the IR lights were activated. There are six IR lights between the status LED and camera lens they will glow red when activated.
But they should only turn on during the evening and not during the day if you have Auto Night Vision activated.

Thanks for
the eufy reply sounds legit on how it should work. Though that gray matter what the heck is it doing that’s using so much of your battery power?
Besides keeping a connection to your Wi-Fi and staying in standby mode?

When you say disarmed do you mean you’re turning off the Motion Detection switch or turning the camera OFF?

Under Power Manager how many False events filtered by AI do you get for a day? Post a screenshot.

The built-in battery provides up to 60 days of battery life in “energy-saving mode”, while 2 hours of solar charging gives over a day of power for the camera. Granted not a lot of people will use the energy saving mode which will consume more battery power but it shouldn’t use that much more.

Sorry, by disarmed I meant outside of the scheduled time when it’s set to record videos. The gray Other Consumption level seems to fluctuate daily with little rhyme or reason. I’m at the end of a dead-end street, so there’s very little activity to trigger the camera during the day in the winter. Yesterday alone, the mysterious gray category accounted for 3% Power Consumption. The two days prior it was less than 0.1%. Highly unlikely.

If you’re referring to Motion Activated False Triggers under Power Manager, I have 0%. I have my camera set to Optimal Battery Life.

I have very little confidence in the accuracy of the Power Manager stats. I would expect each day that Battery Percentage - Consumption Percentage + Solar Charging percentage would equal the Battery Percentage on the next day. Due to timing issues, I’d be satisfied if it was even in the ballpark, but that’s not always the case.

Does anyone else experience the issue of Power Manager data not becoming available in the app until about noon the following day?