Running Eufy off existing 8V Transformer UK

Hi just got the battery 2k Eufy and was hoping to wire it up using our existing doorbell wires,only problem is the transformer isn’t powerful enough its only 8V.

Am i right in thinking i have 2 options,

Option 1
Get a new transformer

Transformer 8V Fuse

Or this

Question is can i just remove the old one which is currently in the housing in the hallway (Would the new one even fit) or would i have to mount the new transformer at the side of it?

Option 2
Wire the eufy up to the old wires but then disconnect the chime and just use the wireless homebase as the chime? Would it still charge the doorbell ok?

Any help would be much appreciated

That’s odd. My battery 2k doorbell is running fine with my old 8v transformer. The manual says it needs 8v - 24v. Mine is actually rated at 0.5A and yours is 1.0A so has a higher power rating. Mine happily operates the old chime.

BTW Your option 2 won’t work - without the transformer the doorbell isn’t going to charge.

Thanks for replying that gives me hope I haven’t actually tried the current transformer there’s so much mixed information about with these.

Does your current set up charge the doorbell ok? Heard it drops to about 90%

I don’t really want to have to fix another transformer onto the wall and then find a box for it.

Also option 2 I meant disconnect the chime cables

How did you come to the conclusion that 8V wouldn’t be enough?

Yes doorbell is being charged OK. Was installed 2 months ago (I already had 2 x 2C cameras for 12 months).

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I’ve been reading way to many posts and kept seeing people had to change there transformer.

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Please try a search under my name. It charges fine on 8v 0.5amp on my St301 transformer in the UK.

Operates the existing chime as well

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So that backs up what I said and showed earlier above - 8v 0.5A works fine (that’s 4VA).



Only other issue I have is the existing doorbell has been placed so far over to the right side. I don’t suppose there’s any other way to move the bell over without having to gain access from the other side which would mean making a hole in the wall.

Could possibly extend the wires from existing position and use some kind of painted conduit? Although the current position would work well for viewing anyway with the eufy doorbell…