RTSP for Eufy Doorbell 2K

Definatly in favor of RTSP but @eufy_official dont care about their customers wishes homekit support was promised but never delivered! They have a forum the dont reply to and have added none of the feature requests. I do belive that the doorbell and camera I have are fantastic, they will be even better with homekit or RTSP support. if they did im sure they would fly off the shelves!! come on Eufy do what your coustomers want!

I certainly will not be buying any more products untill they do!

How are they gonna sell Homebase 3’s if they fulfill their promise to add RSTP?

Eufy, is this even coming? Or should I look for a different doorbell?

Atleast have an official response out on this topic rather than keep people hoping for it!

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I dont think RTSP will be enabled on the doorbell.
Battery drains to fast even with hardwired models…