Routine with integration

Hey I would lilke some help if someone have the skills :slight_smile:

I have the battery doorbell and homebase2 - I use a Android phone and have smarthome/Tuya products (lightbulbs) and IFTTT.

I would love to make a routine / automation that turns on some light when the doorbell sees a person.

Can anyone help me with this ?

Solved it… :grin:

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Does the ifttt routine also Work at night If your Phone is in flight Mode?
How did you do the Routine?


Unfortunately it requires my phone as an intermediate, so it doesn’t work in flight mode

Eufy registers person
Phone gets notification from Eufy with word person in it
IFTTT sees notification and sends a message to smartlife to start an automation that turns on the lights for 5 min.

Its a long way… Would love some better integration