Ring my phone like a phone call when doorbell is pressed

Add the option to have a doorbell-press trigger a phone call-type ring on your device (in my case, Android). This means a call comes in that turns on your device screen and shows the video call coming in above the lockscreen, with a single button or swipe to answer the door, in the way that a normal call or Whatsapp call, or most of your competition (i.e. Ring) handle it.

Right now, I miss a lot of doorbell presses if I’m not in the house because all I get is single buzz in my pocket for a low priority notification. And if I do catch it, it takes waking the screen, swiping down notifications, opening the notification and then pressing the call button to start talking. It’s often 30-45 seconds before I’m able to answer instead of a few seconds with Ring, etc. This should be an easy permissions fix! Otherwise, it performs well!



Yeap totally agree!! I had an Arlo doorbell before and that did a video all and it was really handy (even though the actual video call never actually connected or worked correctly!) - would love to see this on the Eufy doorbells!strong text

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Please add this :smile:
I come from Arlo to Eufy, and it’s the thing to do ! The best way to answer for doorbell <3


Also coming from Arlo and totally agree! So covenient. I am missing a lot of people pressing the doorbell.


This would be to convenient for us users, so we will never see it. It’s like Automations. Why can’t I combine Homebased cams with non Homebased cams? Eufy is ridiculous.

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I fully agree with this wishlist request. I’m on Apple devices and having the doorbell only bring up a notification on my watch or iPhone doesn’t make sense. It would be good to be able to configure the doorbell to ring like an incoming call which can be decline or accepted, and/or be able to set a duration for the ringing and vibration to go on. I always have my iPhone on quiet mode (at work but also in general) and rely on vibration of the iPhone or on my Apple Watch to notify me. I might not bother looking immediately at an incoming notification for a text or an app, but the doorbell I want to be able to catch (and thus differentiate from other notifications and not miss!). This is the whole point why I bought the Eufy Smart Video Doorbell, so that I can get the delivery folks to securely put my parcels in the enclosed porch. The other day a friend visited and rang the bell – the baby was crying so I didn’t hear the chime and sadly my watch/phone notification just was unnoticed… Said friend ended up calling me.

By the way the rest of the smart video door lock is brilliant!


Please @eufy_official :heart:

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Just heavily invested in Eufy and can’t believe it doesn’t do this. Please please add this urgently. I drive a lot and now can’t answer the phone to a delivery like I used to with Arlo.

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Totally Agree. I miss way to many rings. Had that feature on my Ring Doorbell. It’s an absolute must.

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