Review Posts Need A Tag?

Hey new community.
It appears when posting reviews you must add a tag for where your review is posted.
But this is limited to a few US resellers. I’m UK based and our Anker products are pretty much all supplied by
It would also be nice to be able to share previously written reviews from the Anker forum - these are still relevant reviews and will be useful to new and prospective customers who finds this forum and not Ankers.

Will this be updated soon so non US members can post reviews?

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This review section is ditto / copy from what we have on SoundCore Collective, and they will not be changing it.

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Good feedback, we are fixing this issue. Thanks

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It would be a shame if they don’t.
I know there are more followers from the US than any other country but Eufy will be reducing the appeal by limiting who can post a review.

I remember seeing requested ok no SoundCore, however for measurement purposes these were limited to these retailer sites

We will continuously posting interesting reviews about eufy products. - Review Section. Also video reviews will be posted on Gallery Section.

As for your resellers list in UK, I learned from sales today that the only channel that we sell in UK is in We will update the list when we sell in other retailers.


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Thank you, will this review section be opened for us members who may otherwise get the products for testing or already have these products and want to post the reviews since these would not qualify for the retailers you have listed?

Yes, definitely

Seems like they need a few days to iron out the issues