Request: Ringtone options for doorbell (outside)

Hey Eufy! We’ve all been good boys and girls this year. For Christmas (the sooner the better, haha), we’d like to be able to change the ringtone that is heard outside by guests when they ring the doorbell.

I have the 2K wired doorbell with the chime inside. The chime has multiple ringtones, which is great. However, I just changed to the “Jingle Bells” ringtone and noticed that only the inside chime does the song, while the doorbell outside still does the regular “ding dong” ringtone.

Can we get options to change the ringtone of the outside doorbell itself? It can just be an option from the app, it doesn’t even need to auto-sync to the same ringtone as the chime if that’s more complicated. Just the option to manually sync it would be fantastic!