Removing HomeKit from Indoor Cam

I didn’t like the way HomeKit was going to eliminate some of the features of the camera, so I deleted it. . The camera no longer appears anywhere in my HomeKit app. Now when I go to Motion Detection in the Eufy app it tells me “Note: If you want to enable AI/ Sound Detection and Activity Zones, first disable HomeKit”. I have already disabled it in HomeKit completely, restarted the camera, turned Motion Detection on and off, and none of this helps. What else can I do? Thanks for any help.

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Exactly the same issue that I have. I went back added it to HomeKit and removed it couple of times with no luck. I haven’t had this issue with the battery cams that I have so it seems to be a bug. I may try to remove it from the Homebase or reset it completely soon if no updates come through.

It’s difficult to choose HomeKit when you look at all the restrictions and loss of features that come with using it. I really wanted to like it but after using it with my battery cams I finally just pulled out and will exclusively use the Eufy app. You can tell that they are concerned about this with with the new red warnings and comparison tables that are sprinkled in the latest versions of the Eufy app.

I completely agree with you. You really lose a lot of features in HomeKit and I wish I hadn’t even tried to add it. Now I have discovered that it is suddenly recording headlight reflections on my wall at night because I can no longer set it to alert to people only because of this HomeKit bug. It has also stopped sending me notifications when it picks up these things. Do you think a complete reset of the camera would fix this, and how do I do that? I tried the Reset command in the Eufy app but that didn’t help. Thanks.

Yes, I had the same problem a couple days ago and did a quick chat with support. They gave me instructions on how to resolve it. Probably a bug that will get resolved in a future update.

Hold down the button on the back of the camera for roughly 10 seconds until it beeps twice. Then re-add the camera to the app as though it’s a new device.

Not the process that I would have hoped for, but I was able to get my cameras back in just a couple minutes.

Thanks, I will give that a try.

Thanks for that tip, it worked great. No more HomeKit switch for me until the bugs are worked out, and maybe not even then. Never received the promised answer within 24 hours from Eufy Support.