Remove device now

Hello I live In the US and I was awake the entire night with no issues from my eufy app. By the time 5 am hits family members awake and one of them is able to view someone’s driveway, garage, backyard, and even the inside of their house. Was not able to view live video but iCloud storage for weeks AND administrative controls were very much accessible. I immediately logged my family member out of the account and went back onto my app to investigate the forums exploding with the same issue. I suggest you REMOVE DEVICE from your app for now, if people are automatically logged in with your email the least they cant do is see your past videos or possibly even live video. At this point its the only way to keep privacy from this Breach of security. I don’t think this can be resolved considering you have the option to save those personal videos TO YOUR PHONE so if you have the chance to remove them then do it ASAP