Recordings (clips) automatically deleted? (Indoor Cam 2k)

A couple of months ago I stopped recording videos on my Indoor Cam 2k. There where some clips which I needed to go through and save (I did verify the recordings where there in the app), but I wasn’t ready to do it at that time (long story). These videos were stored on an SD card (128Gb)

Recently I wanted to take a look at them, but they all seem to have disappeared. When I go to the month where the recordings should have been taken place, all of them don’t contain any clips…

When I go to storage the SD card is there, and it’s almost full (119 GB)… So where are these recordings? And more importantly: how can I access these clips?
Or are these clips deleted automatically after a certain amount of time?

Eufy support advised me to buy a new camera and test the SD card. Not sure how that would be the solution, as the camera still seems to be working fine.

Thanks for helping me out. It would mean a lot to me if I could access these two recordings.

RTSP doesn’t record in 2k. Otherwise I would be using it to record.

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The sd card will automatically overwrite oldest files to keep storage available for current recordings, so you have to download anything you want before it goes away. The older files are constantly being deleted so there is a storage available. There is also a routine that goes through and deletes anything older than 90 days to comply with some European data laws. Eufy suddenly just started doing that late last year and applies it to everyone. I first saw it on homebase clips, but I think it has now been applied to clips saved on indoor and solocams.

Support should have known that and let you know, but they are pretty lame and would rather waste your time than solve your problem.

Since the sd card is almost full, I am wondering if the camera is using the memory in the sd card to play the clips. So the 119 may be full and thus can not play the clips.

Could you like save a few of the clips to free up some space on the sd card and see if it will play the clips afterwards.

Will say that with soundcore and Anker service department sounds different than the Eufy support as they would not say to buy a new camera and test the sd card.

Thank you for this reply!
I stopped recording, to make sure not to overwrite these files. But the recordings are over 90 days old, so this must be the issue. I really wish I would have known this earlier so I could have saved these clips… I will contact support to see if there is any solution.

Be aware that just stopping recording won’t stop the 90 day wipe. It is ongoing once a day, all the time. Once the clips are gone, there isn’t any way to to get them back. I have gotten in the habit of looking at all my events once every day or two. Anything I want to save, I download, and delete the rest. The cameras that are recording 24/7, I leave alone unless there is something I want to save. I do have an RTSP feed from 2 cameras going to a NAS, so I can go back more than 6 months on those cameras if need be.