Recording length?

Hi, so my new cam has gone through some sort or evolution… at first i had it set to optional bat life but it would still record everything for 15 to 20 seconds, very delayed though… then i switched settings to lower sensitivity and was getting like 1 to 2 second vids!! Wtf!?
Sooo i switched it back but was still getting that so now i have sensitivity set all thr way to 6 and it set to optimum and im still only getting 10-15 second MAX recording it stops recording in the middle of movement… skme guy was literally in my yard with his dog walking around and it only recorded 15 secs of him and stopped while he was still moving around in front of the camera! Wtf? How can i get it to record longer!? I deleted all the storage and it didn’t even help… should i just return this back to home depot?

I hear ya!!! My 2 cameras are doing the same thing no matter what setting i choose. At first I thought it was just me not knowing the system we enough, bit now I’m starting to think maybe its not me and there needs to be a firmware push to fix the recording length.