Recording independent of notifications

I’m new to Eufy, but quite familiar with surveillance systems. Is there a way to tell the Eufy Pro camera system to record clips whenever motion criteria are met, but only send notifications when motion occurs within specific areas of the FOV? In other words, I want to be able to define one set of criteria for recording, and another set of criteria for notifications. This is fairly standard in other surveillance systems I’ve used, but I’m not seeing how to do this in Eufy. If you set up Areas in the motion detection criteria, does that only affect notifications or does it also impact when a clip gets recorded?

Eufy arnt very good at listening to what customers really want :frowning:

The activity zones provide an area that the cameras will only record when there is motion in that area. This same area will send notifications to you when motion is detected and automatically record for an amount of time determined by your settings.

There is no way to say
“record and notify me if motion in zone 1
only record if motion in zone 2”

The system is slightly basic in that respect but in other ways these work a millions times better than others on the market, especially in video playback and live feed.

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I was afraid that this is one of its limitations. Hopefully they will evolve the product to include features such as this. Being able to control the number of times you get distracted by a push alert is crucial to a user’s long term willingness to use alerts. In general, you never want to lose footage of motion events (so it’s important to record all of them), but it’s highly likely that the majority of motion events end up being in areas of the FOV that don’t require an urgent push notification. They already have something similar to this in the Doorbell device (i.e. you can independently control notifications for motion vs doorbell button presses), so if they could extend this logic to different detection zones in the cameras, that would solve my problem.

At the very least, perhaps they could make it possible to turn off push notifications on a per camera basis. As I understand it, the way it works now, if you have motion detection enabled it will always send a push notification. The only way to turn off notifications without disabling motion detection is by turning off the app notification on your phone, so you can’t have some cameras that deliver notifications and others that don’t.