Recorded videos disappeared

I have the wireless video doorbell and Homebase 2. I have noticed that occassionly some recorded videos disappeared after I watched them earlier on the same day; I had not deleted them. I checked and there was plenty of storage in the Homebase 2, so they were not overwritten due to limited storage. Help! Thanks.


This has happened again when I checked this morning; several videos recorded yesterday morning have disappeared, this is very concerning because it is not unlike a corrupted computer hard drive where important files have been erased; it needs to provide an assurance that I can retrieve relevant videos after a serious incident. I may have no choice but to return this system for a refund.


I’ve the same problem. I watched the video of someone delivering a present at 5am. I wanted to show the same video to my wife and it is gone. Nowhere to be found.
Not helpful if you get burglared and you want to share the video with the police. If burglars know this than there is no deterrent by having EUFY cameras.


This system has tons of problems… but vanishing videos when you have the storage space isn’t a normal one. And I fear that the people posting this don’t update us when they find the video.

Most are new users that haven’t mastered the events tab. On the wrong day or don’t know to pull down to refresh or pull up to load more videos.

Let us know if you find it.

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Any solution?

Any solution? I’ve just installed eufy camera and videos disappear at end of every day

Hopefully the people posting here are aware that if you live view a video while it is happening, it won’t be saved as an event. That’s the only time I have seen clips disappear. It should be easy to test and see if that is the issue.

I have this problem too. The videos aren’t from a live feed. They never reappear. I have a solocam

All of my videos vanished overnight. I cannot find any of them.

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Current Motion detection detected though no thumbnails appear to playback.

I have the same issue, videos randomly appear and disappear. Why is eufy support is ignoring our reports? this is really bad customer service which can lead to customers abandoning this brand forever. They need to reply and offer support the same day a report is submitted. It is clear that there is an issue with videos disappearing since hundreds of people all over the internet are reporting the same thing