Record two streams at the same time

This is in reference to cameras that record to the home base unit. I really like these cameras. I like the fact of them using the less crowded sub 1G spectrum. I know it’s easy to jam but that’s not my main concern. I am warning you of the fact that two+ cameras can not record at the same time to the home base is a serious security flaw. If one camera has been triggered to record a motion, the homebase will ignore all other cameras until the recording camera releases the homebase. If an ntruder triggers your outside camera, the camera will start to record. Then the intruder exits his car in the night and is at your front door bell camera, you won’t as much as even be notified by app or homebase that someone is at your door. Further, no video footage would be recorded. This is a serious security flaw. Your workaround is to have at least two home base units and divide your cameras amongst the two so that no two cameras attached to the same home base will be triggered at one time. Your keypad can only manage one home base. Keeping your video clips short helps but defeats the whole purpose. Another work about is to incorporate stand alone cameras that do not need the homebase and record to an internal SD card. These cameras connect directly to your WiFi and inherit the problems associated with such. You must, obviously, mount those cameras out of reach. Signal jammers will not stop cameras from recording to the internal SD card but you will not be notified or able to view an event that is happening. And the camera and valuable footage is vulnerable to the thief. Maybe set up an FTP with internal storage cameras to save the footage to the cloud but a jammer will stop that from happening. You can make a jammer for about 6$. You should be using several different security technologies, anyway. If you have several cameras connected to one base station, point them all to one scene, add motion, and test this out for yourself. You can also test by having several people trigger several cameras at one time. Nothing is perfect but you need to know so that you are not surprised unawares. I still like the cameras and easy app and will be buying more.

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@ramoan Wait, I’m confused. I have several cameras on the same homebase and they record events at the same time. Are you having issues where your cameras are not doing the same??

Greetings, That is correct. Just tried it again before replying. I tested with the battery eufy doorbell and the eufyCam 2 Pro. If the eufyCam 2 Pro detects motion and begins to record first, the eufy doorbell becomes a beautiful corpse. No event is recorded in the log, there also is not a usual chime from the homebase. I must be missing something. If you will, please post your settings and version numbers so that myself and many others can enable this valuable feature. Thank you in advance for the settings!

I’ve found 3 cameras can record at the same time, but any others won’t record.

Greetings, can the doorbell record at the same time that any of the other cameras are recording? My doorbell won’t even so much as send me a notifications or bing the homebase. There is no record of the visitor (intruder) at my front door. Whereas, my other cameras ring off the hook with alerts.

Could add an additional homebase just for the doorbell but then my keypad will only operate one homebase. Now I will need either two keypads, use my mobile to sleep the doorbell, or let it ring and blow up my mobile while I’m out front.

I have 2 homebase one fore the doorbell and the other for 4 cameras and 2 wifi cameras… Yet still the app will not show 2 events on the same minute… Please please fix this issue