Record All events only send notifications for People

Hello Eufy!! When setting up Motion Detection we should have the option to record all events during the day and only receive notifications for people.


Thank you for your suggestion!

For the push notification, we will trying to give the user more alerts so the user can access the recording in time.

For the motion and human detect, it could not be separate at this stage. We will keep working on this feature.

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Thank you!

Pretty sure that’s how it is if you select humans only.

Actually if you select Human only it only record events when there is a Human. It does not record anything else. Expect at night where it does record everything.


This feature is sorely needed. I want to capture cars in the driveway but the camera won’t record this if I only have human detection selected. I don’t want to be notified for everything but I’d like to have the extra recordings


What happened to this? Is there any progress?


Waiting too…


Sad to say your dealing with Eufy! I swear they are told not to talk or share ideas with the other teams ( hardware…wired…battery ) or even with those clearly knowledgeable and passionate users ( even under a strict NDA ). It’s like the manhattan project for security stuff.

You would think even the most simple thing like adding black edged fonts would be in all cams once they added them… nope… just a couple??? Odd odd odd

So. They CAN do this… just won’t share this with the implosion team. ( sorry)


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Yes I just bought two Eufy cameras and realized I can’t record everything and only get notification for humans. This is something I NEED. I may just return them. I will give them a few days to see if I decide to keep them…. idk….