Recharging time

My EufyCam 2C system has been up for three months now and is working well, particularly after the software upgrades.

My question is, what happens when a camera needs recharging? Does it simply stop working, or is there a notification via the app to alert you - ideally while some charge remains so you can choose the appropriate time.


You get notifications when it starts getting low and you need to start thinking about recharging. I’m sure when it completely gets to zero it would shut the camera off.

Hey @Wynards,

Thank you for letting us know your concern.

When the battery is running low, your eufy security app will have the push notification so it gives you a head up to charge the camera device.

If you have the wire that is long enough, the camera can be charged and working at the same time. The camera will shut down once the battery is running out, but the battery alert will give you enough time to recharge your camera battery.

Hope this information helps :slight_smile:

@AnkerSupport Could the security app also do a push notification when the battery is fully charged? This way we can get alerted when it’s ready rather than having to go check

Great question. This would be a very handy feature. My doorbell has been sat at 99% for quite a while and hoping it charges to 100% soon. This is its first recharge from new and has so far been charging for 6 hrs. :pray:t2:

99% and 100% are basically the same point. There isn’t any cost-effective way to get 1% accuracy when measuring the charge on a lithium battery at any point on the curve.

All my Eufy products shipped with batteries that already had significant charge on them, so at 99% it’s safe to take it off the charger and put it in service. The charge controller has sensed full charge and shut off to prevent damage to the batteries.

Thank you for the explanation. Didn’t know that :+1:t2: