Questions about IR and HomeKit (and firmware)


I have used the eufycam 2c for quite a while for use with HomeKit. The reason I wanted HomeKit was to control cameras on or off based on if someone was at home or not. This didn’t work so I decided to ditch the eufycam app and reset everything and set up through HomeKit app. It seems to work now, fingers crossed.

However, even if I set the cameras to off when someone is home, the IR lights up when someone is in the room. I can’t access the video feed but it’s annoying to have the red lights glow in the corner. Anyone came across this before and maybe have a solution?

My other question is about keeping the devices up to date, will the firmware for camera and basestation update even without the eufycam app? Don’t see how that will happen but checking anyway. You never know for sure.

Thanks for great products otherwise.

Anyone that have a solution to this?

Thanks in advance