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Hey eufyCam Fans,

In the old security community there is a model - Referral. And also you’ve got the “referral” in the APP. Would just ask you guys how do you think of the referral? Are you willing to refer the eufy security product to your friend? Are you satisfied with the current referral mechanism?

Be free to talk here. Your voice is heard!


I would 100% refer Eufy as long as all the bugs are fixed @Mengdi. Just recently I referred your cameras to a family member.

I tried to refer a friend so they would get £40 off a camera and I would get £40 Amazon voucher, but this referral is only available on the robot vacuums. I could refer the eufycam to all my family but there is no incentive for them to buy direct.

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We’ve got an incentive. On this page you can see the current referral mechanism.

Thanks for referring.

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I’ve already recommended eufy to loads is people and at least 6 of my friends have brought them. But there isn’t a referral thing in the UK which is a shame.
As Shelley8 mentioned in the UK we can only refer the robotic vacuums :cry:
Shame, I’ve missed out on a lot lol


I don’t feel comfortable trying to refer people to products I don’t own. I only own the video doorbell (wired) and now the stationary indoor camera.


I did not know that you got a reward if you did it a certain ways so I just told them about it. They got the 3 cam 2c kit.

Please can you advise if UK residents can gain these rewards for recommending our uk friends to purchase Eufy products or is it only the robovac for uk Eufy owners?

I learned that the referral program in UK will be launched in July in APP, but you can still do the referral in the official website.

Now you got it:)

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Referal does not appear in my app. I’m in Canada. Is it not an option there?
Also when will eufy start selling direct in Canada?

How long does it take to get notified when someone uses your referral link?

Canada now not have referral. May be a few months later.

You will soon get notified

I referred my parents. I watched them click the referral link. I watched them purchase the products. With my own eyes. No referral bonus. I contacted Eufy customer service and they falsely claimed that the referral was invalid because the referral link was not used. The CSR was nice and respectful, but also factually inaccurate. I have escalated the request to “management.” If they do not make good on their referral program rewards, I am going to have my parents return the products.

I can help figure it out, what is your account?

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I can help figure it out, what is your account?