Push to Talk - Glitchy - Where Is It In HomeKit?

I hooked up my Eve cam for testing this weekend. I have a Push to Talk YELLOW button in HomeKit. Eufy does not have this. However, when I was scrubbing through the recordings for my Eufy cam in HomeKit, then came back to LIVE - the Push to Talk button was there! Top left corner! It worked briefly (tested), then it vanished. None of my 5 cameras have this and 99% of the time, it’s not seen.

What’s the deal? Is it suppose to be there? Not be there?

This is a HomeKit bug once you install a camera that supports this feature. Eufy cams don’t support push to talk.

Eufy does not support full duplex audio and therefore cannot use this functionality of HomeKit Secure Video.

Interesting. Thanks for letting me know.