Purple status led when camera is off

Curious as to why the led would turn purple while camera is turned off. This only lasted a few seconds but it sounded like camera turned on which was unsettling.

I have just witnessed the same. Purple Led randomly turned on in our baby’s room at 04:00 in the morning! I use it to check on the baby when the babyphone has no signal (cellar). L

This is an absolute no go and might be why he is awake so often during that time. I have the camera turned off in the eufy app, so I guess there is no way of check g if it does this on a regular basis?

Sadly this is more than a reason to have it returned.

I am having exactly the same problem! Status LED randomly turn on during the night, even though I have the camere turned of in the app. As did you, I bought the camera to check on my 1 year old where the babyphone has no signal. With this behavour the camera is useless to me… I have seen it 3 times doing this, but cannot recall if it is during the same time.

I have this occasionally with my bedroom cam. I am guessing here, it’s updating itself? That’s the only thing I can think of. My cameras are OFF in homekit when home.