Pulsing loud ear piercing screech

Hi all. New to this site Just finished setting up a eufyCam-2C 4 Camera + Homebase 2 Kit. Everything as far as I can see is working just fine. Homebase is connected via Ethernet to Home Network and all 4 cameras connected to Homebase successfully. I monitor the camera’s via 3 different methods, Eufy Security mobile phone(motoG7 Android), Eufy Security through BlueStacks and Eufy Security via Firefox Browser(just to see if all work OK), all work just fine.
What my problem is when I turn the cameras on and do a live feed, I get a pulsing loud ear piercing screech coming from audio, not with BlueStacks or the Browser, only on the phone. It seems to be pulsing to the Wi-Fi signal meter in the App. This was remedied by turning off the sound on each camera. I have tried moving the Homebase away from the router, tried on Network WiFi and Ethernet, no change. Now thing is, if I walk a fair distance from the cameras and Homebase, the screeching goes away, also, I went around to my son’s house(1km away) and did a check to see system work away from home. There was no pulsing loud screech coming from audio when I turn each camera to live feed. My thoughts are maybe to do with the phone. Any way of uploading a video of this problem.

Anyone on here have had this happen or have any ideas what may cause this pulsing screech. Cheers

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Sounds like audio feedback. I have heard it on my phone if I have the volume turned up and get close to the camera. Moving away or turning down the phone volume will make it go away. Unfortunately, the Audio controls are all on and off and there isn’t any way to decrease the sensitivity of the camera’s microphone.


You hit the nail on the head m8, turned my phone volume down to half and screeching was non existent. Maybe they need to work on the audio/mic side of the cameras. Thanks a million and have a great night/day :metal:

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Same thing

I have the same problem. Not sure hoe to fix it, complained to eufy, they sent a replacement cam, same problem.