PRODUCT IMPROVEMENT SUGGESTION for Eufy S350 4K Dual Camera Indoor Surveillance System


Dear Eufy Techs and Tech Freaks,

Currently, most U.S. citizens have terrible upload bandwidth with their cable modems. We can change that as a group by demanding higher upload bandwidth per dollar we pay. My Comcast cable TV and internet bill is $340/month. I get about 900 Mbps download bandwidth and about 30 Mbps upload bandwidth with my xfinity internet.

As a workaround when it comes to cloud upload bandwidth limitations in most consumers due to archaic ISP upload bandwidth limitations (Comcast could offer a security tier upload bandwidth upgrade, for an extra $10/month you could have 100 Mbps upload bandwidth - God knows they have the bandwidth), you may be able to make the gadget freaks out there like me happy by offering a dual-stream 4K local recording w/1080p cloud-backup solution.

I am a documentarian documenting my life. I have a lot of suggestions for how this product can be improved.

I can put 512 GB memory cards in my S350 cameras and set for 4K maximum resolution for internal recordings with a 1080p substream of that backed up to the cloud. (Please add that functionality to the user interface).

Then my most recent recordings would always be 4K that I could use for documenting my life as an online nonprofit volunteer for the MIT Media Lab, but if a thief were to break into my house and steal my camera (and all those SUPER PRIVATE recordings with it), at least I’d have a 1080p substream in the cloud of him walking up to the camera, assuming your cameras are smart enough to send substreams to the cloud without having to wait for all the video files to be written. Like a live cloud-based backup.

How difficult would that be for you to implement on your end with your expert Eufy 4K programmers?

That little bit of programming would make me a satisfied customer rather than a dissatisfied customer. I need cloud-based backup for security reasons, but I need my life documentary footage to be in 4K.

All I want are local recordings that I can edit in Adobe Premiere with some form of outside cloud-based backup as close to real time as possible to catch the thieves, assuming they don’t take out my internet connection first, which, according to Comcast general policy, is COMPLETELY EXPOSED to the PUBLIC (and the Comcast technician) on the OUTSIDE of the OUTSIDE at ground level where it can be reached by anybody with wire cutters.

I’m happy to rely on my own recordings for the 4K, but if the camera and recordings themselves get stolen, at least I’ve got a $9.99/month 1080p backup insurance policy that I am more than happy to pay for.

As for being limited to alphanumeric characters exactly 10 digits long for the cloud-based ADVANCED VIDEO ENCRYPTION PRIVATE KEY, that’s a joke. You are kidding all of us, right? That’s like saying, OK, Uncle Sam, here you go, feel to free watch all my recordings of me inside my house doing my thing 24/7. In my living room, in my kitchen, in my dining room, in my bedroom, in my office, in my other bedroom.

With 10 digit PRIVATE KEYS limited to a-z A-Z 0-9. I feel like I’m an actor on the set of the Truman Show now with a Trump administration on the horizon. Actually, I am a digital performance artist.

Subject: Re: [#TNC248045608]: What do you recommend I do. Return the whole system, find some kind of cloud upgrade path that supports 4K or what?

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Dear EVERYBODY EVERYWHERE ON PLANET EARTH who needs 4K recordings with 1080p cloud backup

We understand your disappointment regarding the cloud subscription supporting only 1080P resolution for your S350 4K Dual Camera Indoor surveillance system. The limitation is due to the current cloud service offering, which does not support 4K resolution for this camera model. Unfortunately, there is no option for a cloud upgrade that supports 4K resolution at the moment. However, the 4K video quality is still available for live streaming directly from the camera. If you specifically require cloud storage with 4K resolution support, you may consider alternative cloud storage solutions that offer 4K support for your surveillance needs. If you have any further questions or need assistance with exploring alternative cloud storage options, feel free to reach out to us. If the problem persists, please provide us with the following information to verify the warranty: - A screenshot or pdf of the invoice confirming the order number of your purchase. - Your current shipping address. - The defective item’s serial number, located on the device. It consists of digits and characters such as SN: ABC123XXX. If you can’t find the SN, a picture of the product itself will suffice. I hope this helps, and I look forward to resolving this issue for you. If the issue persists, don’t hesitate to reply to this email. We’re always here to help!