Problems with Synology Surveillance Station and eufyCam

I am having a consistent problem using the eufy cameras with the Synology Surveillance Station. I have five cameras, three indoor pan and tilt and two exterior eufyCam 2’s. I have verified all have current firmware, have a strong connection to my router with static IP addresses, and are accessible through the Eufy app. I have enabled port forwarding of port 554 to my Synology NAS, which also has a static IP.

Two of my indoor cameras consistently work with the Surveillance Station. The other three, both eufyCam 2’s and one interior pan and tilt which is installed approximately 20’ from my router, will work for approximately 5 minutes after I reinstall them into my Surveillance Station but, thereafter, will disconnect and fail to work until they are re-added. My Eufy Home Base 2 is installed approximately 1’ from my router and also has a static IP.

To clarify; I do not believe this to be a wifi connectivity problem. When I disable and re-enable the RTSP on each of the three cameras that have disconnected from the Surveillance Station, they will (within 5 seconds) reconnect to the Surveillance Station. Then, within 5 minutes, all three will become disconnected from the Surveillance Station again. I have moved the router to literally within feet of the cameras and experience the same problem. It is also not a port forwarding or firewall problem, as I have both the router and NAS set up to allow port 554 connections from all (internal) IP’s, including those assigned to the cameras.


  1. Connect all cameras (two eufyCam 2’s and three indoor pan and tilt) to Synology Surveillance Station.
  2. All cameras accessible through Synology Surveillance Station.
  3. Three cameras (both eufyCam 2’s and one indoor pan and tilt) disconnect from Synology Surveillance Station within ~5 minutes (or less).
  4. Disable RTSP on all three.
  5. Re-enable RTSP on all three.
  6. All three automatically reconnect to my Synology Surveillance Station.
  7. Rinse and repeat…

I’ve emailed the eufy support email but figured some in the community may have experienced this same problem and could have suggestions… I’m extremely frustrated with the whole eufy system and its (lack of) support by external brands, like Synology (which it says specifically has support for eufy, however, that message apparently never got to Synology as they do not list eufy as a supported brand).


Have you purchased the additional licenses from Synology to allow more than 2 cameras? They only give you 2 freebies.

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Also, once your cameras disconnect, have you checked to see if they still record when they detect motion? I just set mine up today and, while they invariably lose connection, the do record when they detect motion. I suspect they lose connection because the eufy cams are set to only record when they detect motion (rather than continuously). I may try to set them to record continuously to test my theory, but as long as it’s giving me the results I need, I may not bother. Just some thoughts from someone who is definitely not a tech guru.

I’ve the same issue. When using Local Storage, there is no problem to record continuously. However, when using Synology NAS (Surveillance Station) via RTSP, Synology keeps disconnecting from eufy security cam unless I specifically open eufy Security App on my iOS and stay at NAS(RTSP) page.

It’s pretty annoying.

I’ve the same problem, the internal storage is fine, the app on my iphone also fine. But on the synology keeps on disconnecting. I had that problem on my Qnap, and support said only Synology will work. So i Bought a Synology, and the same problem.

Any updates to your issue or replies from eufy support regarding your email to them? I have the same issue. Just set up a synology DS720 and cannot get the two cameras I have to stay connected.

This is a known issue for any cams that sleep when they are not recording. If you have your indoor cams set up to record continuously, they won’t disconnect because they are always streaming to the NAS. I’m guessing that your Pan & Tilt isn’t set up for continuous recording since it drops out.

The battery cams break the connection when they go back to sleep. During the setup, you need to activate the camera with motion to tell the NAS it’s there and it’s supposed to allow you to set it up so it records clips when the camera wakes up. I had some trouble with this on my QNAP when I first tried it, but eventually got it working. You need to follow the setup instructions carefully for the battery cams to get the link to be persistent when they go back to sleep.

I don’t remember exactly the sequence of events that got it all working but it can be done. I switched to using a rPI and motioneyeOS and don’t use the QNAP box anymore.

I just set up my system with a Synology NAS. I remember, following the steps in the EUFY app, that I got the ‘warning’ that the cams would ‘loose connection’ after testing and setting up and that this is ‘normal’ because of battery saving. But it should record though when a motion is detected. Then the connection is restored for the time necessary to save the clip.

I will check in the coming days if it does what it promises… They DO promise the system works with Google Home as well… NOT ! So… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Today there were some ‘triggers’ on my camera and although they (the camera’s) show up as ‘disconnected’ in DS Cam, the recordings were nicely registered in Recordings on the Synology, as expected.