Problem with battery 2k video doorbell - notifications

Hi all,

Just wanted to get some help with setting up my doorbell. The Eufy Video Doorbell (T8210) worked great straight out of the box and was giving me thumbnail notifications everytime. Then I done a firmware update (ver and it stopped including thumbnails.

I don’t know what to do.

I’ve tried restarting the homebase 2 (which is also up to date). I’ve gone in the doorbell settings and everything seems fine.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @vazsingh welcome to the community.
I don’t own a doorbell, so hard for me to answer. Your best resource would be to reach out to support via the app, livechat or email

Hi @Ice4 - I have contacted the support team.

But I think I’ve figured it out.

It seems that in the ‘motion detection’ setting you must have it set to ‘human only’ and not ‘all motions’ or it will not work. Unfortunately, Eufy didn’t make this clear in their documentation/quick start guide.

I also wonder why this is the case. If somebody throws something at your porch surely you would like to still receive a thumbnail notification?

Oh well, let’s see what the support team say :slight_smile:

Edit - I also removed the device from the app and re-installed but I don’t think this is what got it working.

Was this ever resolved?
I am experiencing the same issue. Sadly, the motion setting did not work for me. Tried a whole bunch of other settings/option as well, but to no avail.