Problem setting up doorbell chime to internet

when setting up eufy 1080p battery doorbell the chime unit will not connect to the internet (2.4Ghz)

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It could just be a bad chime unit? Or you’re too far away from your wireless router, try to establish a wireless connection closer to the router to see what happens. I don’t want to say this… And you probably doubled and tripled checked, but I have done this a many a times :roll_eyes: Make sure you’re typing in the correct password: uppercase / lowercase letters # zero and the letter o.

I set up the chime right next to the router and I put the password for my router in many times (checking it was correct) so I guess it is faulty from New. Not a good start for Eufy, can any body recommend another company video doorbell

I had a similar issue - throwing it out there for others. The app instructions are incorrect. It says to hit the sync button and get the chime to flash green. You hit “next” on the app. The app then tells you it’s going to setup a temp wifi network and to go and connect to the temp Eufy wifi network before you hit “next.” You can’t connect - the temp network is password protected. So, the answer is to just hit next anyway and it’ll bring up wifi networks (and you won’t see the Eufy temp wifi). You then connect to your wifi network and your g2g.