Private Zones for eufycam

Hello everyone !

I would like to suggest to anker to make a little feature for our eufycam.
Can we use private zone to black out some zones on the camera in regard of some laws here in Europe.
Because we can’t record neighboors garden or the public area !

Thanks !



Excellent suggestion (+1) :raised_hands:

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I am also interested in having privacy zones.

please implement it!!!


I am wondering if this community forum IS not only for eufy to make advertised posts and to let it’s customers let out their angry as there IS very luttle official answers to questions postes here n’y an official membre of eufy…

Oh yes. That will be awsome.
Thats the only “Problem” for me, without These option

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Agreed. Please add Privacy Zones soon as it’s especially difficult to angle a wide angle doorbell so that it doesn’t invade other people’s privacy. It should really be default on all wide angle cctv cameras/doorbells.

i just assumed this was a standard feature on all the top branded security cameras, obviously eufy isnt.
i will be returning my eufy cameras in favour of a competitor that offers a privacy zone feature.
but tbh the app is very basic compared to other brands
im not sure if it is illegal to capture footage of other peoples property but its at least a common decency not to.