Privacy zone please

Any chance to add the functionality to make a privacy zone to black out an area in the camera’s field of view?

I had the Ring doorbell 3 before Eufy and this doorbell supports this feature. I find this personally very helpful to block out area I do not want to see on camera. For instance a small part of my neighbors garden.


yeah. that’s really one feature I miss from the ring cams. I don’t want to record what’s an the street in front of my courtyard entrance - especially here in Germany this is a special topic :wink:


I am also interested in having privacy zones.

please implement it


Me too! Please

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Ok ant chance you know how I take the box off now after putting by mistake and it’s blocking the view !!

Agreed. The doorbell in particular would really benefit from Privacy Zones to help stay within the UK’s privacy guidelines. There are only so many places I can reasonably attach mine without a neighbours property being in view, and I’ve resisted installing it for now as a result.

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And Chance that the zones might be not only rectangular? Of i want to use them to avoid recording public places the rectangular ones make it define the zones (triangles would already be helpful)