Preventing theft of Hub / disabling doorbell ring

I am concerned that burglars will simply take the hub to get rid of all security footage. And to find the hub all you need to do is ring the doorbell. So I am wondering if there is a way to disable the doorbell ring on the hub in the security mode settings for the Away mode. I have not found this.

  1. Is there a way to disable the hub doorbell ring?
  2. How do other users deal with the possibility of hub theft?

You can not use the Homebase chime and use something else like your existing chime or Alexa, depending on the model of doorbell you have. There is a setting for Indoor Chime on the doorbell setup menu that lets you choose. However, there isn’t a setting to change that based on the Mode your are using.

I don’t use the Homebase chime and my homebase is pretty well hidden.
You do have to ask yourself “how is a thief going to know what security equipment I am using and that my video can be removed by stealing the Homebase?”

I also have some of my critical cameras backed up to a NAS that’s in a different location from the Homebase, so I’ll always have some records of events. NAS backup won’t work for the doorbell I have, but my front door is covered by a camera as well.

Thank you for the quick response. I am going to look into NAS backups - didn’t think of that.

I’m using a RPi4 with a 2 TB SSD that works pretty well and doesn’t break the bank. I tried using my QNAP NAS, but they want license fees for anything more than 2 cams. MotionEye OS on the Pi does everything I need and its free.