Prepare To Be Dazzled! (We’ve Revealed Our All-New Security Cam)


Over the years, many customers have mentioned their issues about backyard cameras and floodlights, and nothing comes up more often than their limited field of view.

That is why we created the new Eufy Floodlight Camera 2 Pro – an all-in-one floodlight camera with 360° pan and tilt capability. It features AI motion and human detection that will automatically lockon, record and track any subject while it’s in motion. It also features smart lighting which can adjusts color temperature and brightness based on sunrise and sunset, schedules, and motion detection.

Other cool features:

  • 2K Full HD resolution
  • Full color night vision
  • Secure, local storage
  • IP65 waterproofing
  • 100 decibel anti-theft alarm

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Can it connect to the Homebase? Or future Hombase projects? :grinning:


Still looking for a 24/7 floodlight camera…


Wow security with only one camera. To bad they can communicate with all the other devices. Same issue as the other standalone cameras.


Interesting floodlight camera… excited to see it in action :star_struck:

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Probably still no ifttt


This new floodlight camera looks very interesting, but I’ll definitely need to see some more information before I let myself get too excited.

I know eufy is trying to build excitement with a countdown before the big reveal, but it would be great if w could get a bit more information here on the forum. For example:

  • Can the angles of the lights be adjusted? (although with three lamps rather than two coverage shouldn’t be a big issue)
  • There’s no obvious PIR sensor to trigger the lights. How quickly and reliably the camera can trigger them?
  • How much internal storage is there? It has to be more than the 4GB in the current floodlight, but with a 2K camera I hope it’s more than 8GB.
  • How does the motion tracking handle busy environments? For example, one of my current floodlight cameras covers my driveway and the street in front of my house. What would happen if someone was walking down the driveway and a car drove past? What if another person walked past the house?

My biggest wish is for the standalone cameras to be able to interact with the HomeBase, even if it’s via the cloud rather than direct communication. I wish I could use my floodlight cameras as sirens for my HomeBase security system, and it would be great to be able to changes modes on all devices at once, especially via the keypad.


The competition is US only. Not unexpected, but still disappointing.


Hope your listening with the homebase and ifttt requests


If you made a wired 24/7 version of this that would be awesome!


Hooefully, the app dies not control local card size management.

Current App alogrithm is just missing. Often not enough space if tgere is a hickup in wifi.

Very interesting camera…

Just made this connection…they are going to bedazzle (be dazzle ) their cameras??? :wink:

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I guess it’s 8GB

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Home base integration! I will buy it if it has this… The biggest issue I have is all the other devices that are currently connected to my network. That is the best thing about the Homebase. And that was the main reason why I bought you cameras. Add this feature please!


Are you going to allow current owners the option to trade in to upgrade?


Hi I am using many eufy cameras now and the problem I’m having is able to control and with the keypad … Seems to be their biggest problem

Wow. Interesting functions, good to see them innovating….but low on the aesthetics IMHO. “What is that thing?” people will ask in the daytime! Some of kind of demountable drone? Ha, will fit right in I’m sure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. To each their own though!

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Probably still won’t detect humans