Pre-Recording issue after joining HomeBase 3

I have Floodlight Cam (T8422) and Indoor Cam (T400) that used to record full event. After connecting to HB3 both of them are missing the pre-recorded event and the video time is about 10 seconds less than it should be (10 seconds are missing from the beginning).
However if I open the event by clicking on the notification it plays the full video, but after that I won’t be able to see it again or save it as opening it from the app events missing the pre-recorded 10 seconds.

PS both cameras and HB3 have the latest software and the mobile app (iPhone) also the latest version.

I removed all my cameras from the HB3 until they fix this. Need my pre-roll!!!

Yeah I read a post sometime ago about this occurring also here on the forum. Some cameras lose their pre-roll recording when recording onto the HB3.

Is eufy aware of this??

You say you’re able to see the complete video when you tap on the notification then after that in the events tab the pre-roll is missing.
Could it be that tapping on the notification it’s grabbing the video from the camera memory itself and not the HB3.
I wonder if it’s recording on both the HB3 and the cameras internal memory at the same time?

You’re absolutely right! I just disconnected both cameras from HB3. I went to “HomeBase Connection” under each camera page and turned of “Store Video to HomeBase 3” which removed the connection to HB3, I can still see the recently saved events under each device so it was recording to BOTH (camera local storage & HomeBase 3).
Now that both cameras are disconnected from HB3 if I open some event from yesterday it plays the full video.

Looks like that all cameras that are only HB3 storage compatible (but not AI compatible) stores to both local camera storage (full video) and to HB3 storage (video missing pre-recording).

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Yeah, Same here, The only product I have found Pre Record works on is the E340 Doorbell all my other cameras loose the functionality once connected to the HB3.

I opened a case with CS on live chat to see if I had a wrong setting and when I got a reply asking what is Pre Record and can I send a picture I knew straight away I was fighting a loosing battle. I was then told the case would be escalated as he couldn’t help and would receive an answer within 24hrs. I’ve not heard anything since.

Following up from my previous message I have just received a reply from CS and it reads as below. Is this misinformation or has the pre record function been removed?

“Thanks for contacting us previously!

Upon your previous inquiry of the pre-buffer function, please be kindly noted that only the E340 doorbell has this function instead of the outdoor and indoor cameras.

Please let us know if you have any further questions. Wish you a nice day!”

That reply wasn’t any help, they didn’t even mention the HB3…

One step forward, two steps back.

Seems like they don’t know that connecting your cameras that have the ability to pre-record / pre-buffer ceases to function when recording on to the HB3.

It’s definitely an issue.