Pre-order the all-new eufy Security 2K Indoor Cam with on-device AI for smart human and pet detection. Save up to 35% now

Hey, Indoor Cam backers!

Do you ever wonder what your family is up to while you’re out of the house?

Are you looking for a way to keep an eye on your playful pets?

Looking for a way to prove that your living room is in fact haunted?

If the answer to any of the above is a yes (we hope it’s not the last one), then you are in luck! eufy Security is launching a new series of 2K indoor cameras at jaw-droppingly low prices. Let’s take a look at some of the key features of our all-new Indoor Cam 2K and Indoor Cam 2K Pan & Tilt:

Indoor Cam 2K:

    1. 2K Resolution
    1. Human & Pet AI
    1. Apple HomeKit
    1. Motion Detection
    1. Activity Zone
    1. Night Vision
    1. Two-Way Audio

Indoor Cam 2K Pan & Tilt:

    1. 2K Resolution
    1. Human & Pet AI
    1. Apple HomeKit
    1. Motion Tracking
    1. Motion Detection
    1. Activity Zone
    1. Night Vision
    1. Two-Way Audio

eufy Security’s new Indoor Cam series allows you to check up on your loved ones from anywhere in sharp 2K clarity.

Click the link below to pre-order now and save up to 35%

Pre-Order Here

eufy Security team


Can they be integrated to the home base or will they work in a separate app/storage?


homebase is not required

Will a choice of cloud storage be HomeKit Secure Video?

Question: Does it support HomeKit Secure Video?
Don’t answer yes it support SD card! Duh!

Still not yet, but will support soon

Thanks for clarification

So today after placing pre-order for 3 cams, I got $3.60 international fees???
Is the company located in China?
Not happy with that fees
Thanks Anker for the refund… Appreciate your AWESOME Customer Support :grinning::ok_hand:

I see homebase not required and cloud storage offered. What about RTSP so we can just store it ourselves? Seems like the homebase integration would be the way to go. Really unfortunate if this product were to launch without support for it. Motion detection is kind of pointless if it just stores the data locally in the camera and someone just grabs the camera and takes off with it.


On the website under the camera comparison section it mentions NAS is also supported

Thank you for letting us know your concern.

We will have our customer support team to take care of this case for you.

Apologized again for any inconvenience caused. Any other concerns we can address in the future, please feel free to contact us.

I see that homebase is not required, but what I’d like to know if it is homebase capable. As someone has mentioned earlier, kind of bad if someone can simply take the camera along with the local storage. Please advise, thanks


Do we know the release date yet?

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Not yet, because of the virus. May be end of May or early of June

Is the cam battery operated?

No it is plugged it

I cannot order it in France :frowning:

Too bad the promo is over
I had talked to a rep and they said sale would continue. Up until product was shipping.
I already have one on order and wanted 1 more