Post here when you get the firmware update that enables thumbnail notifications for your Eufy 2c/2 cameras!

My basestation 2 is still on firmware version From what I’ve been reading on this forum @AnkerSupport statement the newer BaseStation firmware that is slowly rolling out to the customers will allow thumbnails in the phones lockscreen motion notifications just like the video doorbell. From what I’ve read you need to get to or to get the new feature (I could be wrong on the exact version).

I am just curious who has it already and can confirm the thumbnails are there with the lockscreen notifications.

Thanks everyone!


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I just checked mine…it’s, says firmware is up to date…no thumbnails.


Yup, that is the same firmware I have right now and waiting for the newer firmware to rollout!!

Still waiting! I got 3 days ago and was hoping that it was a higher number :smile:

So your waiting too for lock screen thumbnails too?

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stuck with the…

@derDoc @ilbotty

I just had a live chat with Eufy support. They confirmed the new firmware is coming but it is not production release yet and they could not provide me an estimated ETA either.

So looks like I will be waiting a bit longer :).

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Thank you for the info and yes…I‘m waiting for it. The biggest thing I’m missing after I sold my Arlo.

I have a newer firmware update for my Homebase 2 to try and fix the update loop when I had pushed to it. Unfortunately, this didn’t fix my issue of no longer communicating with the Homebase 2 via the Eufy security app or my 2C cameras, so I’m in the process of getting a new Homebase 2. I wish I could tell you all if the new thumbnails are working with the new firmware, but I don’t get any notifications or activity motion detection from my cameras anymore. It’s been like that for a month now.

Okay so I’m sort of on a short list to getting the update. I did not get it in the 48 hours they promised, turns out it is a holiday in China (probably poorly translated: Guo Qing Jie).
This holiday is a full week (until October 8th).

Probably, the update will land after that. Not sure if that would be just for me, or for everyone. Nice to see it includes the thumbnail (and probably door sensor changes), @Hawkster :slight_smile:


I’m on and all up to date. Contacted Eufy the reply was:

With regard to the notification snapshot problem, normally the V 2.1.0 will support this pushing thumbnail(camera settings>notification) but some Homebase’s’firmware has a compatibility problem with this function and we are still pushing the improvement of the implement of this function, please stay tuned and give us more time.

Really hope we receive this function soon


I just received an update on one of my homebase units this afternoon. I believe it’s, and the notification is now similar to the doorbell, with the option for a thumbnail. :+1:t3:


Hi @Sobrevilla

Are you part of a Eufy beta group?

I still did not get a hike base update :cry:

I believe they stager their updates over time. I hope you get yours soon @n1976jmk !

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No, I’m not part of any beta testing. Unfortunately, I’ve only received it on one of my bases. Still waiting on the others. However, normally they all update within 24 hours, but I’ll wait and see. I know all of my indoor cams received a new update a few days ago, so I’m hoping Eufy is pushing these out to everyone (although I know they do it slowly across the globe).


any news about the firmware?

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Still on

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Still the same here in the Netherlands, no firmware update, no thumbnail :slightly_frowning_face:

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I received mine this afternoon as well. :slightly_smiling_face: I had the same updating issue with my mesh system that I had before, so I pulled out the trusty ASUS router and updated my Homebase 2. All is well now.

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Not yet here but good things come to those who wait :smile::smile::smile: