Poor video quality on Indoor 2K Pan and Tilt?

I’ve had my 2k pan and tilt camera for a week now. Generally I’d say it’s a decent value, certainly at the pre-order price and if you are using it for HSV (if they ever deliver on the HSV promises).

One potentially significant issue though is video quality. The video looks alright without zooming in…yes I know these cameras don’t have any optical zoom. For a nursery camera it’s definitely good enough. (If anyone is using it for that purpose, you should know that when sitting on its base it cannot tilt lower than parallel, making it impossible to look down into a crib without mounting it sideways or upside down from…something.)

But when you take even a bit of a closer look — like you might if using this a security camera and wantEd to get a better view of a face — it’s not good.

I don’t know enough about video compression and resolution to describe it very well, especially with this being an HEVC stream, I think. If I had to guess it could be a low bitrate issue. I’ve done a rough comparison to another ~2K camera, and that camera seems to give a much better image.

Before I start moving cameras to do side-by-side tests — is anyone noticing this, or are there any settings I’m not seeing? I do have the video quality on 2K, and I’m working from video files that I’ve exported from the app to eliminate any stream-related issues.

Even though it says 2k it isnt exactly a 2k camera based on many standards are. It wont be ss good as some other 2k cameras.

In many cases 2k means 2560x1440. The eufy is closer to 2300x1300.

Interesting. That’s certainly not a deal breaker. Based on what I’m seeing, though, it might even be giving less effective resolution than 1080p. Seems like I’m going to have to do a comparison.

From what I have seen it is certainly better then what i have seen on the other camera I have that is 1080p. To often once we start talking about bitrate most of these cameras that dont have a nvr behind them crush the video and start to create compression artifacts. HVEC will help with that some.

Came here to say the same thing…
I just installed my camera… and image quality to identify a face is not good at all… here a zoom in of my face when I was 10 feet away slowly walking toward the camera. I get the same quality in HomeKit or Eufy app.

It’s good enough to have a broad view… but zoom in could be a lot better. My Blink camera are better than that.
This is in 1080p as I’m limited to this resolution if I want to use it with HomeKit.

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Are they not using HEVC currently? I thought they were.

This is what I’m seeing. It’s clearly not a resolution issue. And in my opinion, it’s not acceptable quality…but it’s still useful for me as a crib camera, although the fact the pan & tilt won’t tilt below parallel makes that more complicated than it should be.

I’ll take some stills from this and a couple other for comparison.

Considering it is only 1080 there is less of a need to have HEVC. It is more effective with higher resolution. Also, HEVC would require more battery life to encode the video and the Apple TV HD and HomePod don’t have HEVC hardware decoding.

In response to quality, nobody actually needs anything higher than 1080p. It is all about the bit rate and compression. A super high quality hd recording will beat any 2k/4K camera stream.

FWIW I have both the eufycam 2 and indoor 2k and find the indoor generally has much lower quality and more compression, especially in night mode even though it is “2k”.

I have seen video corruption at times, and i dont think it is related to the recording though. It is like the camera is having a hard time sending it to my mobile device, not recording it.

@Craig63 Tried your suggestion and increased the streaming quality to high. Seems to work better now!