Poor quality video. Is this typical?

This is a slow moving person walking a few feet away from the camera. I captured a frame that is the best quality, from this clip. This is with the Spotlight activated and video recording set to “2K HD”.
This is the Outdoor Cam Pro.

yes. compression makes the video of any moving objects useless.
can’t believe they release such a functionally bankrupt product.
uselessness is baked into the system.

Yep that’s normal, unfortunately… doesn’t matter if it’s 1080p 2K or 4K it’s the FPS (frames per second) that they are using which is low at 15 FPS.
TVs from the 2000 use 30 FPS and newer TVs can go as high as 240 FPS or higher.

If eufy would just bumped this up to 30 or even 60 it would be a great improvement to reduce motion blur.

I correct. The 15 fps was there in 2021.