Points and notes

I thought I would come over and see how the site is going. As I was looking around, I see that your points are similar to the Anker site. What I did notice is that the “bucks” that Anker has are called “Notes” here which Soundcore uses for their site.

So I think you may want to change the notes to a more friendly Eufy name.

I was thinking locks as an example. Anybody have any other thoughts


@Duane_Lester I like the idea of having new name for the bucks or Notes

How about PowerCams … since this community is more for Eufy Security… PowerCams makes a matching name :wink:


I vote for schrute bucks


I second schrute bucks!


How about the Keys :key: :old_key:

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I like keys.

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wait whats the point of having notes or points when theres no giveaways which you can redeem them

I’m guessing down the line you could do something with the notes

there will be! Eufy Security Community is pretty new… give it some time…

though the launch has been lackluster, dull…

I think they need to review their points as well. I shared a gallery n got 10 pts aka points from Soundcore vs other point giving 5 aka points from Anker.

Thank you for remind, we are working on developing an effective system of points, which will consider both the quantity and quality of the replies of a user.

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Great, hope this will be another successful Anker community :+1:

Any word on the fix for avatars ?

Hi @Unnamed,

Thanks for reaching out. For the avatar issue, could you please email us your account to support@eufylife.com? We will have our IT support team to further look into this case for you.

So sorry for keeping you waiting. Looking forward to your reply.

@AnkerSupport it’s not product related issue, I thought the forum admin can resolve :thinking:

Any updates on what the notes can be used for?

I take it there hasn’t been an update on what notes are for.

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@Unnamed i think the team is not ready yet with the points system. I will check with them and update :slight_smile:

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Gotcha :+1: thanks

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I already have the plan, but the development resource is tight right now. I am doing my best to push team launch the point system.