Plugged In Outdoor Eufy Cam (Wishlist)

Hello Eufy!!
I would like to see you make an Outdoor Plugged In Eufy Cam with a spotlight. With it, I would like you to have a battery on it so if the power goes out it can stay on. Also please put a small Micro SD card in the cameras so that if the power and internet goes out the cameras can record to the Micro SD card in the camera. Maybe some higher resolution too like 2K or 4K. Wider field of view would be nice to have also. With higher resolution please make sure you boost up the FPS. Because it would be plugged in this cameras could be set to record 24/7 to the Micro SD card in the camera. If the power goes out it could automatically switch to battery mode. This camera would be nice because would be no more need to recharge the batteries and no more worry about internet or power outages. Also you would have clearer video and 24/7 recording.


Your wish will be realized soon! We currently we are signing up the indoor camera, and partly can fulfill your request.

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Great!! Basically I would like the new Indoor cam you are making to be weatherproof so… hopefully Eufy will make a Plugged in with backup battery 2K resolution higher FPS wider field of view Micro SD card installed 24/7 recording weatherproof Security Camera soon!