Plug-in Chime. More info needed

Hi - Very happy with the 8200 doorbell. I simply cannot get the plugin chime to work, and it’s something that I must have working so a disabled relative (who cannot use a smartphone) can answer the door when we are not there.

There is no info within the app to suggest if it (the chime) is connected, there is no info on how this chime connects to the doorbell, nor is there any specification / details of this unit. The tips/help is nothing more than an obvious list (is it plugged in) etc.

The doorbell is approx 200m from the property, has good wifi and is on the same network as the house. Chime works if I plug it in close to the doorbell but nowhere else. I am guessing it uses 433mhz rather than wifi to work?

I will have no other option than to return the doorbell if the internal chime issues cannot be rectified, which is a shame as it works better than the other 9 that I have trialled. All the other chimes with the other doorbells worked fine, but the doorbells themselves were nowhere near as good as the eufy.

Very frustrating!