Please Make it STOP!

I have the video doorbell. It was fine. However, it started detecting a flower pot as a human face. Non stop notifications. I turned the pot around. However, it now thinks my car wheel is a human. I wake up to 75+ notifications about it. Nothing stops it other than turning off detection which makes the device useless. It’s excluded from the activity zone, yet, it continues.

My last question, when I submitted a review on the App Store about all the ads/referrals and other stuff that comes up in the app, I was instructed to email to have myself removed. I emailed several times. Nothing. I would like to be removed from this.

How do I stop the constant incorrect detection?? My car wheel is clearly not human or a face. Unless there’s something going on that I am not capable of dealing with right now - it is 2020. Wouldn’t be surprised.



@AbSoluTc have been dealing with this ever sense I bought the doorbell! No response from customer support and still 4 months later no fix.

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LOL, I thought I was the only one having wheel issues! New user here so just checking the camera oddities.

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Mine constantly picks up my truck or the roof on the house across the street

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