Please help me add device to HomeKit


Few weeks ago I asked for help, but unfortunately never got the answer:

Please, I loose my mind in setup process :frowning: So long story short:

  1. If I add HomeBase2 to HomeKit - it not apears there. Only in settings I can see it, but can’t do anything with it… why?
  2. I have Eufy Doorbell (battery), I know it doesn’t use HomeKit, but If I solve problem nr 1, would I be able to create scenes with Doorbell because it will he connected to HomeBase2 (which is Homekit compatible)?
  3. Last one - I recently bought 3x EufyCameras 2 Pro. Didn’t add them yet, but if I add HomeBase2 to HomeKit (again - after I solve problem nr 1) I will be able to use Cameras in HomeKit, but not Doorbell. If I add Honebase2 by EufyApp, I will be able use all devices, but non with HomeKit - Am I right?

Please, help me to solve this problems :frowning: