Please enable homekit on homebase 2

Please enable homekit on homebase 2.
Today the homebase already exists in homekit, but it useless.

It even have some variables, but they are not in use.
Please add so we can set system in “Home/Away/Disarmed” mode using homekit.
Also if an alarm is triggered, it should give an homekit alarm.

Please look into aquara alarm, they have implemented it.
Screenshot of the Aqara system in homekit, there it shows the status.

Today automation(homekit) does not work with with system. If I leave my house, I perhaps have some homekit rules to turn off light, turn off heating and turn on alarm system. But not with this system.


If this was implemented, it would mean you could use HomeKit automations or the shortcuts app to properly automate the status of the system.

For me as the system is battery powered, I want to minimise the times it records me or my family, but not disable recording completely, therefore an easy way to enable and disable the system is a must have feature.

Currently you need top open the Eufy app, click the security tab and then click the appropriate system status. Then you need to remember to enable the cameras again.

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Unless you try setting up the Schedule mode. I’ve got different camera settings for overnight, during the day and evening, which change the recording and notification status of each individual camera without input using the Eufy app.
Not on HKSV yet so haven’t explored the options there

I think the schedule options are good, but say you’re going to work in your garden/yard and so want to disable recording, you have to go into the app.

With proper HomeKit support at could be done via Siri

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yes, I completely agree… I bought this system because it is “integrated” with Homekit to replace my 4 existing cameras that are also not HK enabled. But after tinkering with the Eufy Homebase for 24 hours it is pretty clear that the HK integration is completely useless. I wanted to set the cameras to active/non-active using my apple watch/Siri but the “eufylife”app doesn’t even show up in Apple’s Shortcuts app. So no programming Siri for me…

Hk support is different to Siri Shortcuts.

understood, but if I were able to create an automation under HK, Siri would have access to it.