Please add the picture in picture feature to your app

So that we can monitor a camera outside of the app. Also having the video from the camera show on the home screen of the app rather then having to click on it to view


@and5490 I was just thinking this today! Also need PiP so you can stream media (music) WHILE live viewing your camera. Can’t check in on things while playing music on Spotify/Apple Music/Amazon Music/etc. This is a feature we definitely need! :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

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Use apple home or get an android

Just got the indoor camera. Using an android device, how can i enable PiP? I want to use it as a baby monitor…

PIP not supported on Android (lazy devs no doubt) though you can split screen the app, or use pop out mode if you have a samsung device.

Yes Picture in Picture in IOS 16 would be fantastic!

Guys it’s 2023 and still no PIP capability?! I was using some £20 camera the other day and even their unheard of app had PIP!!


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bump, can the eufy team reconsider this? homekit streaming works, but not as well as viewing from the eufy app.

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Used to have pip. Not any more. Also doesn’t work with Smartthings yet.

Get it going soon Eufy or can you say ARLO!!