Please add a power-interruption-detector to your product line

Modems stay powered by a UPS. But not for ever.
Thieves can cut the electricity and wait till the UPS is drained. Special during longer periods like holidays. After the UPS is drained, they can start emptying ones home. Including the Eufy security system itself. Leaving no traces behind at all.
It would be great to have a sensor that detects a power interruption. This sensor will give feed-back that the power is gone. All this while the UPS is still capable of powering the modems.
This will avoid us from the surprise that the house is emptied without any notification of the security system.
I imagen the sensor to be a simple plug that can be plugged in a 220V socket.
What do you think? Do you know another way to bypass this security item?
Ronny De Gussem

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There are some devices that will send you a text or an email in the event of a power interruption / failure.
There are some UPS that can send you an alert when it’s on battery power.
There are a few plug-in devices also, that can send you a text message when the power is out and also when service returns, as long as your homes Wi-Fi is still operational… Some even use a Cellular Connection.
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Thanks for the info.
But I still believe that Eufy should have this sensor connected to their App.
Eufy is a leading home security system supplier. It feels weird to install and rely on another App and sensor for securing the Eufy security system.
Don’t you think so?
Ronny De Gussem

Yes, it would be more streamlined and clean if they had a built-in system for power outage notifications.
They would need to build a new HomeBase with a battery backup internal and a sensor to detect while on battery power to send a text notification.
Maybe even a dongle that can connect to the USB port that runs on its own battery power and can determine that when the HomeBase is not on that can notify you.
Heck lots of folks also have requested the ability to be notified when cameras are offline yet that hasn’t happened…

I have wifi plugs from Globe-Electric, it has notification power is off.
Just install one.

Forget asking Eufy for features. It is a volcano hole that burns all feature requests.

I do not think it is so complicated.
I was thinking in a sensor that can be plugged in to a 220V socket. When power gets off or on, it gives a signal to the home base.
The UPS can be of any brand and does not need to be designed by Eufy. Lots of choice on the UPS market.
If your UPS is covering the home base and the wireless internet modem (4G) than you would be safe.

Thanks. Will indeed not wait for EUfy to install a sensor.

Definitely need a power failer alarm. Example could be for a basement fridge or freezer, sup pump, modem etc… yolink, my spool, Risinglink, Proteus all make such a device. But I would prefer to have this connected to a Eufy system. Thanks