Play Speed in app BUG


after latest update of Eufy Security app play rate is changing in playback.

When I view Eufy doorbell past event video is 2x faster (sound also). When I view past event from Eufy Floodlight Cam Pro 360 it is 0.5x speed.

When I download video to gallery, it is OK. Can you fix it?

Same problem with floodlight 2 pro after updating app in iphone to 3.3.4! Videos shows like slow motion and the sound as well!

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Today I updated it on my iPad to latest version and problem started. So definitely something wrong with last update of app.

Videos and sound are not playing in the right speed rate! Slow video and the sound breaking! Works fine in android app as well as in iphone with version 3.3.3. The version 3.3.4 has problem with video playing! Huge disappointment!

Exactly. Eufy fix it!

Please fix it ASAP because this is very annoying! I have floodlight cam 2 pro! I wish i could downgrade the version!

Eufy can you fix it pleaaaase???

Just adding in my vote for the same issue on my Eufy Doorbell 2K wired.
Not sure it’s an app issue since I only experience this with video playback from the doorbell and not at all from my homebase connected to 2 wireless cameras.

Exactly. Eufy Doorbell playback too fast and playback from Eufy Floodlight Cam 360 too slow. From Homebase 2 I don’t have any problems.

EDIT: After today update it is still not fixed playback rate.

So I reported it to Eufy and they wrote me that they found this problem too and they are working on fix. So problem will be solved soon :slight_smile:

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I’m having the same problem from SoloCam e40, indoor cam 2k and eufy 2 pro. My doorbell and e20 are fine. I also tried switching my home base from wireless to wired. All videos after 11/4 are running at 0.5 speed. I called support last night and they told me to delete the app, restart and reinstall but that did not work so I erased all my videos to see if that was the issue but same slowness this morning.

I’m glad others have this problem and now I know it’s not just my setup. FYI videos playback fine in HomeKit.

I am experiencing the same slow playback bug with the app… while playing back video recorded from two different models of Eufy Cams. I am eagerly awaiting a fix.

After my report to Eufy. Today they released update and it is fixed.

Updated eufy security app to 3.4.1.
Playback rate of some videos are fixed, but not all of them. Those recorded after the update seems fixed.

My Flood light pro cam 2 is going in slow motion and crackling sound ever since there Halloween sever breakdown. If I change it to 1080p it works just fine. Didn’t know that tell the sent me a new cam and the new one did the same thing. Not fixed yet.

My Floodlight Cam 2 Pro is having this issue. Recorded playback speed it 0.5x in slow motion when playing in the app. Eufy suggested switching to 1080p which I will not do. I bought a 2k camera for a reason. Eufy, please fix this.

Video clip history for Floodlight Cam Pro 2, when played back images are like “ The 6 Million Dollar Man” in other words in slow motion. However when clips are downloaded to my photo library (iPhone 11 Pro Max) clips play at normal speed. Is there a fix for this?